Combine practical training in a job with study by working alongside experienced staff and gaining job-specific skills. As an apprentice you will earn a wage and get holiday pay Learn More

21B IT Training

Designed for young people, traineeships provide the essential work preparation training, English, Maths and work experience needed to secure an apprenticeship or employment. Learn More

Online courses

Whether you’re looking for skills for the work place or run your own business or improving specific skills such as IT skills, language skills and other essential skills, our online courses are the perfect solution. Learn More

Earn While You LearnĀ 

For many professions, on-the-job-training is a far better route into work than full-time studies at University and you won’t be out of pocket. Universities often seems like the natural route to take after A-levels, but many young people are reaping the rewards of apprenticeship.

New programmes are being launched by the government leading to degree level qualifications through apprenticeships in professions such as digital technologies, law, journalism and Business Administration.

The blended learning model adapted by Oxbridge Graduate Studies helps learners to successfully complete the training with the minimum or no disruption at work place. The majority of the learning happens at work place which includes mentoring and supervision whereas the rest of the learning is a combination of class-room learning and online learning.

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