Our Approach

We strive to develop a more highly educated and skilled workforce that will contribute to a more advanced and competitive economy. We believe that learning is a life-long process and it is applicable to people with different ages, skills and backgrounds. Each individual is unique in their skill sets, aspirations, goals and requirements. We have designed training programmes intended for different groups including those who are seeking their first employment, experienced employees looking for career progression and those want to acheive higher qualification without leaving their job.

We conduct an initial assessment of the learner and the job requirements before we advise the most suitable training programme. The blended delivery model varies according to the skills level, duration of the programme, employer and learner preferences and also qualification awarding body and funding criteria. In most cases it is possible to customize the programme in a manner that the learning outcome is achieved with least job disruption.

Our Specialized Sectors

Digital Technologies ¦ Leadership & Management ¦ Customer Care

Accountancy ¦ Hospitality Industry ¦ Health Care Services